OASIS Genesis Pack

OASIS Genesis Pack is limited NFT.
OASIS Genesis Pack
OASIS Genesis Pack include:
  1. 1.
    10,000 King Power
  2. 2.
    1,000,000 Gold
  3. 3.
    15 Epic Wild Fire
  4. 4.
    30 Excellent Instruments Blacksmith
  5. 5.
    30 Excellent Instruments Jeweler
  6. 6.
    30 Excellent Armor Plate
  7. 7.
    30 Excellent Whetstone
  8. 8.
    750 Arcane Dust Tier1
  9. 9.
    300 Arcane Dust Tier2
  10. 10.
    150 Arcane Dust Tier3
  11. 11.
    100 Flare Crystal
  12. 12.
    The Discoverer's Crown

The Discoverer's Crown

About The Discoverer's Crown, only rumors have survived to this day.
These rare artifacts were forged hundreds of years ago by the finest blacksmiths for special squads of explorers to facilitate their perilous adventures.
The Discoverers Crown is a unique artifact that only buyers of this pack will have.
The moment the Kingdom opens its lands to players, The Discoverer's Crown will ease the way on your dangerous adventures!

King Power

Every ruler dreams of becoming great and writing his name in the history of his lands.
King Power is an indicator of the power of any ruler in the Kingdom!
You have a unique opportunity to immediately noticeably increase your level and the level of rewards received in the game!

Epic Wild Fire

Many centuries ago, in the Kingdom, magicians learned how to sharpen particles of vitality into special stones - Wild fire.
This unique and rare resource allows you to perform a special magical ritual and summon mighty Heroes at your disposal.


Gold is loved everywhere and New Lands is no exception.
For gold, you will make deals, buy goods, make many things - this is the main resource of the Kingdom.
Catch a whole treasury of gold, for the sake of such a heap of gold, others will have to work hard!

Excellent Instruments

Blacksmith Instruments
Jeweler Instruments
The best blacksmiths and jewelers live in our Kingdom.
If you give them the best tools for the job, they'll be happy to make you the most intricate pieces of equipment and accessories!

Excellent Armor Plate

Every war needs powerful armor to hold back multiple blows from the enemy!
The Excellent Armor Plate set allows blacksmiths to make your armor stronger than ever!
Upgrade your armor and advance into deadly dungeons!

Excellent Whetstone

Want to make your sword even sharper, your hammer even more powerful, and your arrows faster and deadlier?
Bring your weapon to the forge and with the help of the Excellent Whetstone set, the blacksmith will sharpen your weapon and increase its performance!

Arcane Dust

The world of the Kingdom is saturated with magic. Many processes in this world are impossible without magic.
Arcane Dust Tier is one such resource, represented by three levels of magical power. This is perhaps the most important and rather rare magical resource of the Kingdom.
With it, you will create magical items and perform magical rituals!
The higher the level of magic dust, the higher the quality of the magic items you receive and the more successful the results of magical processes.

Flare Crystal

Flare Cristal is a particularly valuable precious resource for the jewelers of the Kingdom.
Want to craft a cool accessory to boost your heroes' stats? - Bring a scattering of dazzling Flare Crystals to the Jeweler.