NPC Cities

NPC Сities are neutral objects on the map, belonging to one of the existing factions, or they also may be independent, these cities cannot be captured or otherwise changed. When moving to the City, the Player enters the City screen, where he can use the services of its buildings.
Cities that belong to one of the factions have unique appearance and also some unique properties.
Hall of Keys - is a building for storing and opening lootboxes in exchange for resources, as well as for buying and using power-ups for lootboxes.
The Altar of Summoning - is a building in the City where the Player can summon a Hero using Summon Stones. Also, the Player can spend Arkane dust to create Summon Stones of different rarity levels.
Forge - is a building in which Players can create weapons, armor, or dismantle existing equipment for a fee and get resources. A Player can also sharpen weapons and strengthen armor elements here.
The Jeweler's House is a building in which the Player can create and upgrade rings and necklaces.
The Alchemist's hut - is a building in which the Player can improve resources by increasing their Tier.
The Mage's Hut is a building in which the Player can enchant weapons, armor, rings, and necklaces.
Infirmary - is a building in which Heroes can restore health for a fee. The hospital has 2 treatment options:
  • Healing over time - The hero is healed for some time, this type of healing costs fewer resources than instant healing;
  • Instant Healing - instantly heals the Hero, but it consumes more resources.
Auction - a building in which Players can exhibit and redeem various treasures for the price they set.Isn't it exciting? Any resource, item, artifact, or lootbox you've got - you can place it here for any price you want. Which is a great and flexible P2E mechanic with unlimited potential for the Game Economics.
Marketplace - is a building in which the Player can exchange resources. Exchange prices will depend on the city in which the store is located, the Player's relationship with the faction that the store may belong to and a lot of other factors.

Astral forge

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