Artifacts - are rare items that give strong passive bonuses to the Player and his Heroes.

There are many ways to make your heroes stronger, but artifacts are the most powerful of them. They can either simply add a serious bonus to the base parameters of the heroes, or give them new abilities, such as Lifesteal or Damage Reflection.

There are also artifacts that come in handy outside of combat, such as those that improve lootboxes or make it easier to increase your reputation with certain factions!


Resources are various game values ​​used in the exchange, crafting of equipment, and its various improvements.

They can be obtained as a reward for successfully completing a mission or obtained from a loot box, and many resources are created exclusively through crafting.

Of course, they are fully tradable through the Auction and Marketplace.


Lootbox - a chest/box of varying rarity, which is given for completing quests, fighting bosses, etc., upon opening which the Player will receive valuable in-game loot. The higher the rarity of the opened lootbox, the higher the probability of getting the best loot.

The player is not required to open lootboxes, he can put them up for auction to sell to other players.

To open the loot box, the Player will need to use the services of the Hall of Keys, which is located in NPC cities and clan castles. The service requires the Player to spend resources, the required amount of which will constantly change.

Also, just before trying to open a loot box, the Player will be offered to purchase PowerUps, which positively affects the chance of success in opening it and the chance to get a more valuable loot. The price for this service will also be dynamic.


Equipment - items of equipment that enhance and give certain bonuses to the Hero you put them on.

Equipment is divided into 3 types:

  • Weapon - equipment, most of all affects the damage of your hero. Axes, daggers, and magic staves are planned for release

  • Armor - equipment that is mainly responsible for protecting the hero.

  • Accessories - rings and necklaces that have a wide variety of buffs and effects

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