Initial Roulette

Roulette is the starting functionality of the game, the intended player is prepared to conquer the New Lands of the Imps Kingdom.
Players will be able to spin the roulette wheel, earning rewards.
Each spin takes place on the blockchain, for this you need to pay for the transaction.
Thanks to OASIS Blockchain, the cost of spinning is extremely low.


A season is a certain period of time during which special rewards participate in the roulette.
After the end of the season, the next one begins, the rewards in the roulette are updated.
At the time of activation of the next season, one of the buildings will be unlocked.
The player can take advantage of using their resources to create equipment, heroes, etc.

King Level

King Level - the level of your account.
Maximum King Level = 10.
Each King Level unlocks exclusive roulette rewards.
The higher your King Level, the more or better rewards will be available to you.
King Level is permanent, it does NOT reset every season.

King Power

When enough King Power is accumulated, the player moves on to the next King Level.
King Power can be accumulated in the following ways:
  • For Invite friends
  • Be invited by another player
  • Buying a King ticket
  • Growth of King Power values of your friends
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