IMPS Kingdom Lore

Imps obtained enough Ether from the Ether Kingdom and were able to open a portal to a new world of their own, which they called the Imps Kingdom. Imps begin a massive campaign to new lands, there is an active colonization of new lands.
New lands turn out to be a long-vanished kingdom with a bunch of dungeons, fortresses and abandoned cities, in which the imps began to settle. Greedy for gold and artifacts, Imps began to descend into the crypts, taking everything of value from there. In one of these crypts, the demons found an artifact whose power was beyond their comprehension.
After the artifact was taken from the pedestal, the world suddenly awakened. The dead in the crypts rose, powerful bosses awakened, a magical cataclysm erupted and closed the portal to the Ether Kingdom, cutting off all paths back, and the artifact itself rewarded 3 imps with great power before teleporting and disappearing somewhere in this world. Few imps made it out of that crypt alive, and three of them had the power of a powerful artifact. Thanks to this artifact, they became the most powerful imps - the rulers of these lands.
However, everyone had different goals, one wanted to explore new lands and expand the empire of the imps, the other wanted to give the imps freedom and protection, the third wanted to collect all the artifacts and find out all the secrets of this world. And yet, the imps were united by one common goal - hunting for treasures and finding the very artifact that disappeared somewhere in this world.
As a result, the Imps were divided into 3 factions, led by 3 imps, each side had its own goal and its own power, bestowed by a powerful artifact. Thus began the adventures of imps in the new world.