Hero - is a big, strong Imp that shows promise. He has a Class unique skill set, preferred weapon and he is an NFT.
Every Hero has his own class, that determines his key characteristics, features, and equipment that he can wear. The class of the Hero also determines what features he will receive when he becomes a General.
You can get heroes in several ways:
  • You can create him by spending the IMP resource
  • Summon him with the Summoning Stone in the Broken link
  • Buy with the game token
If the Hero improves regularly, then sooner or later he will be able to become a General and lead your Army into the battle.
The General is also an NFT, players can trade it.
The General participates in military campaigns along with his army.
At the start of the game there will be only 3 main classes: Warrior, Rogue and Mage.
More classes will be announced in the future!


Warrior - professional fighters, have a lot of HP, good protection against physical attacks and high damage, but they are quite slow, have poor protection against magic, and have a low chance to avoid attacks.
A warrior can only be armed with a two-handed ax and wear only plate and mail armor.


Rogue - agile and evasive, greedy for money, and have a keen eye. In a head-on fight, they rely on dodges and rare but strong blows to enemies' weak points. The Rogue's weapons are dual daggers, but one of them can be replaced with a buckler. Leather armor is the only type of armor that he can wear.


Mage - heroes with huge magic damage, a variety of abilities, and high magic defense, but they have little health, physical defense and are not very dexterous. A mage's weapon can only be a staff. From armor, he can only wear robes and cloth armor.
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