Game Map

The game map is divided into regions. Each region is made up of many sectors. Sectors are combined into groups are zones. The sectors themselves are the area on which all game objects are displayed and the gameplay takes place directly.

Quest objects

Quest objects - are static objects, where players are able to send their heroes, to fight with enemies and return with cool loot. Different quest objects will reward players with different loot, and also will be guarded by different types of enemies.
The difficulty of quest objects might vary from "very easy" up to "impossible". The higher the difficulty of these objects, the higher the reward, however, the enemies will also be stronger.

Forlorn tower

The tower, which once served to protect the surrounding lands, was abandoned by the guards and is now a lair of bandits, from where they raid unlucky travelers.
Forlorn tower


Once it was an ancient temple. Now only ruins are left of it, teeming with cultists and marauders who came here in search of artifacts and forgotten treasures.

Bandit Camp

This is the lair of heavily armed bandits, from where they raid and store their loot.


The tomb of kings and nobles, it is filled with riches and ancient artifacts. However, beware, the dead will not tolerate disturbance!

Special objects

Unlike quest objects, special objects have their own unqiue properties, that distinguish them from other objects.

Abandoned Mine

Abandoned Mine - a captureable object on the map, guarded by neutral creatures. To capture the mine, you must defeat the creatures guarding it.
After capture, the Abandoned Mine brings the Player and his Clan / Alliance one or more types of resources. If the mine is captured by another Player, then you will either have to fight with the guards corresponding to the size of the Mine, or with the guards that the Clan has allocated, if this Player is a member of any.

Robbed Caravan

Robbed caravan - an object that sometimes appears on the map. After defeating the guards of the caravan, it disappears from the map. A looted caravan appears on the map for several hours. If during this time no one can defeat the guards of the caravan, it will disappear from the map, and the nearest robber fort will become stronger and richer.

Bandits Fort

Bandits fort - an object that can appear on the map if there are no other bandits forts within a determined radius.
The fort has several levels. The level of protection and the quality of rewards for its destruction depends on the level of the fort. To advance to the next level, the Bandits Fort needs to gain a certain amount of experience points.
Bandits Forts increase the chance of spawning a Robbed Caravan and attack on the Village within a certain radius.
If the fort was destroyed, then the Player receives rewards, and the fort disappears from the map. However, if the fort has reached a high enough level, it will lose several levels and remain on the map.

Place of Power

Place of Power - an object that can be in every sector that does not yet have a player-built castle. Here the player can build a castle by spending the required resources and protecting the construction site from the attack.


The Claim is the central part of any region, for which there is a constant struggle. Players who own the Claim will receive cool bonuses.
Claim's task is to give clans that do not have castles an advantage in establishing control over the region.
Destabilize the dominance of clans with castles and redistribute the resources of base tiers. To provide a springboard for attacking future territories and places of power.
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